Oh My How Time Does Fly!

Published on June 15th 2018
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Core Strength Fitness

It feels like yesterday that I was writing my last blog post. (Btw, I just re-read that post…and not to toot my own horn… but if you struggle with thyroid disease or know someone who does go give that gem a read :) )

But wow…it has been nine full months!! So let’s catch up on what has been going on with me.

Since my last blog post, I have been busy with clients, writing not one but TWO Ebooks (launch dates tbd), dabbled with food photography and video, I have studied and passed my ACE personal trainer certification–this test was neither easy to study for OR easy to take), aaannnnnd last but not definitely not least I started a SECOND business with my boyfriend, Mike. This business is a brain child of ours and a dream come true. From the first few months of dating, about 5 years ago, we dreamed about opening up our very own gym. Together we merged our love of martial arts, weight lifting, & general physical fitness and created Core Strength Fitness. We instruct kickboxing, strength training, and (my personal favorite) kettlebells! I love our focus because we have something for everyone and each class is designed to not only get a good sweat on but also build muscle. Mike and I will also be receiving our Hardstyle Kettlebell certifications in about a month if all goes well :)

With Core Strength Fitness, I am also able to provide solid nutrition education and act as a resource to our members (which I love!). I’m able to reach more people through a group setting and am currently about to lead my second fitness challenge. I feel like the place that you exercise is usually the place you are seeking nutrition guidance. And I am so happy to be able to provide my expertise.

If you are in the Kingston, NY area be sure to check us out!

Now let’s talk about Results Dietetics. I am still taking on private clients and have a few openings for coaching clients. I’ve expanded my practice to involve lower budget options as well. For more information feel free to contact me. I plan to continue to sporadically blog (let’s be honest–I need to feel inspired to produce great content so I am willing to sacrifice consistency for quality–as evidenced by my nine month hiatus). I write and edit every word of my blogs myself (you’d be surprised at how many RDs/CPTs purchase content to post as their own). I will be getting back into recipe blogging as well as breaking down the science of how nutrition can impact chronic disease. I plan to use this platform as not only a place to share my professional input but also as a creative outlet. As I am now a Personal Trainer, gym owner and soon to be HKB certified, I will also start to include content focusing on physical fitness as well as nutrition.

I am stoked about all of the progress I have made (both personally and with both of my businesses) but am excited to get back to blogging.

That’s all for now–stay tuned…